COVID 19 and Funerals

Currently all services will continue to be offered with social distancing encouraged for all attending. Services will be limited to no more than 20 indoors / 30 outdoors plus our staff/officiating and advertising of the funeral service will not take place to assist in controlling numbers attending. Doors will be kept open for fresh air ventilation where possible. For the time being we request all prepaid funerals be initially prepared using our online form service. 

Please note that funeral venues may impose their own restrictions due to the space available and less than 20 may be able to attend certain locations.


Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Funerals

Page Updated Friday May 8th, 2020

We are currently facing uncertain and difficult times as the coronavirus epidemic unfolds. Things are changing on a daily basis and the impact it is having on funerals is considerable.  We have provided below our current and best thinking about how we will need to manage our funeral arrangements over the coming weeks and possibly many months.

Firstly - If you are feeling unwell and feel you may pose a risk by attending a funeral, we would advise you to follow the Australian Government guidelines.

There is the direction of no gatherings over 20 plus our staff/officiating persons for indoor services. We have put additional procedures in place, and  liaise with others  to manage current plans and consider future requirements. We also are keen to safeguard ourselves and those who might come into contact with us.  For outdoor services at maximum of 30 plus our staff/officiating persons may be present.

What we are doing

We have considered all infection control options in line with the latest advice given by the government.  We are also working with partners, such as local cemeteries and hospitals to ensure we comply with their coronavirus procedures.

At this point in time we have decided to do the following:

  • In order to keep our premises as clean and clear as possible we will be limiting the number of people who enter them, all funeral arrangements therefore will take place over the telephone, using our online portal or via email.   When we visit families in their homes or other venues we request that a online planning form is completed first to ensure our visit is as short and direct as possible.
  • Before we collect the person who has died, we may ask you a series of questions related to coronavirus/COVID-19 and pneumonia to ensure we are best equipped to safely deal with your circumstances.
  • Our people may be wearing additional personal protective equipment (PPE) even when the risk is deemed to be low.
  • To protect everyone in our community, our people have been instructed not to shake hands. We'll still be warm and friendly.
  • In the case of Coronavirus related deaths, we may have to arrange a prompt funeral to prevent unnecessary storage and handling of the person who has died.

Other possible considerations

With regards to other details, we need to make you aware of the following possibilities:

  • Collection from a family home or nursing home: our teams are equipped with personal protective clothing and are able to carry our all transfers professionally as always. Each transfer situation will be treated individually however, so please do call and we will advise of the next best steps at the time you call.
  • Venues we use may change the policies or cease access for use at short notice, under these circumstances we will make every effort to replace the ceremony with something meaningful, but it may be necessary to arrange a memorial service or thanksgiving ceremony at a later date. We will be more than happy to help with these arrangements in future if required.
  • If the service was due to take place at a venue where live webcasting is available, then this may be a viable option. Currently Enfield Memorial Park are providing this free of charge.  Centennial Park can provide this service for a fee. We will help to ensure this is implemented and in communicating the details to people via our website as required.
  • Some venues have lowered their prices.  Any price reductions will be passed on to you.
  • Limousine services will not be offered in order to protect the health of the driver. Families would therefore need to make their own way to the funeral service.
  • We will be leaving doors open to ensure ventilation.
  • No funeral notices will be automatically provided.  We will instead offer to place a death notice with our contact details in order to control attendance numbers.
  • We may have to adapt our working practices to adhere to any new rules that are imposed during this period.

As a business we pride ourselves on our ability to remain flexible at difficult times - we will continue to be so during these changing circumstances.

We will update this page as soon as anything changes.

Thank you for your patience.

If you have any questions about coronavirus/COVID-19 and funerals, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us by calling 08 8311 3991 or via email to

Service Options

All cremation services shown on this website are currently suspended as written until restrictions are eased.   Limits on those attending will apply.

No lounge / refreshment services are available under the current regulations.