For private and unattended cremation services

Direct Cremation Service

Our premium and most flexible private cremation services.  Using a quality, yet simple coffin and a time to say farewell.

Included in this service:

  • Professional services fee
  • Cremation fee and permit
  • Essential 1.8m Coffin 1850*600*350mm
  • Mortuary care with viewing option
  • Certified copy of death certificate
  • Doctors medical certificates
  • Transfer from place of death in Adelaide metro area all hours
  • Viewing of your loved one in our viewing room at a time that suits you and your family
  • Ashes available for collection within 72 hours of cremation

This simple option for $1,850 incl GST 


Our viewing room at Marleston

This service can also be provided as shown in the following other locations :

  • Enfield Chapels - set times apply $2,500 inclusive
  • Centennial Park Viewing Room - $2,500 inclusive


What is a direct cremation?
How does a direct cremation work?
How much does an Direct Cremation cost?
Can you attend a direct cremation?
Why choose direct cremation?
How to arrange a direct cremation 

What is a direct cremation?

Direct cremation, also referred to as a cremation without ceremony or a cremation without a funeral is a cremation with no funeral service performed beforehand, and no attendees. A direct cremation is ideal for those who want a simple funeral and do not want a service or ceremony prior to the cremation.  

As a direct cremation does not include a funeral service, it allows you to choose your own way to remember your loved one at a place and time that suits you.

How does a direct cremation work?

A direct cremation can be arranged online, over the telephone or in person with one of our team. We will take care of all of the details  to arrange a direct cremation for your loved.

As a non-traditional funeral, there is no procession beforehand, so no requirement for costly extras such as a hearse or fancy coffin, and no funeral service or ceremony at the crematorium. A direct cremation also takes place without the attendance of any mourners. 

Following the collection of the deceased from the place of death, we care for and prepare them for cremation at our mortuary facilities. On the day of the cremation, we will transport them to the crematorium in a specialised funeral vehicle. The cremation will take place at one of our preferred crematoria, at a time and place of our choice. We'll let you know when the cremation has taken place.

The ashes will be available for collection within a few days of the cremation taking place.

How much does an Direct Cremation cost?

Direct cremation is one of the most affordable funeral options available. A direct cremation costs considerably less than the average traditional funeral.  Our direct cremation cost $1,850 and is fixed price with everything included.

Visit our direct cremation costs page for more information about pricing and for details on what our direct cremation package includes.

Can you attend a direct cremation?

You cannot attend a direct cremation, as it does not offer any kind of funeral service or the presence of an officiant, and therefore takes place without the presence of any mourners.

If you'd prefer a funeral with the option to attend, you may find our Intimate Funeral  or Essential Service would be more appropriate.

Why choose direct cremation?

A direct cremation suits those people that for whatever reason, do not want a funeral service at their own or their loved one's funeral. There are several reasons why an increasing number of people are choosing this type of cremation, which may include:

A direct cremation is significantly cheaper than a traditional funeral
There are an increasing number of people looking for more affordable funeral options, although this is not always the driving factor for those that choose direct cremation. When cost is the reason, it's often because the deceased wished for the money that would have been spent on a traditional funeral to be spent in a more meaningful way by their family.

Your loved one expressed their wishes for a low key funeral
Some people really do not want a fuss when they are gone. Many people have the attitude that "they didn't visit me when I was alive, why visit when I'm dead" !

Your loved one did not wish for a funeral with a religious ceremony
We provide the cremation without any religious features. Should your loved one have wanted a religious service, you may wish to organise a separate memorial with a church at a later date.

Family or friends of the deceased live far away
Distance can often make it hard for the family to travel to a funeral, particularly if they live abroad. It is easier to transport ashes abroad than to repatriate a loved one that has passed away. Some people also choose this kind of cremation because as the next of kin, the responsibility to arrange the funeral has fallen to them, but they were not particularly close to the deceased.

You want to hold a celebration at a different time and place away from the crematorium
Many people opt for this kind of funeral in favour of holding a memorial or celebration of life in honour of their loved one at a later date.

How to arrange a direct cremation 

Arranging a direct cremation is a simple, straightforward process. Unlike arranging a traditional funeral, you will not have to spend hours face to face with a Funeral Director. You simply have to call us to begin the process of arranging a direct cremation for your loved one. You can contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Most of the arrangements can be made online or over the phone.  We will take care of the process, keeping you informed every step of the way.