Designed to be suitable for church services with a European flair, these service options are sensitive to all religious requirements.

All are flexible with changes and upgrades to suit you and your families needs.

European Traditional Service

A full service funeral with a range of quality products and services included.

Included in this service:

  • Professional services fee
  • Limited 1.8m  satin finish coffin
  • Mortuary care
  • Certified copy of death certificate
  • CD music as requested
  • Transfer from an Adelaide Public Hospital or State Coroner
  • Funeral staff as required
  • Small fresh sheaf of flowers and basket of petals
  • Fully flexible service
  • Viewing for family and friends the evening prior service

Traditional $4,395 incl GST

Other things to consider :


Cemetery Fees - existing licence - allow $2,300 *

Cemetery Fees - new licence - allow $7,000-$14,000 on average*

Cemetery equipment setup fees - allow $350

Clergy  and Church Fees

Allow up to $1100

Every church and faith is different so talk to us about your specific church.

Newspaper Notices

A typical small funeral notice to say where and when a service is can cost about $220

A simple death notice is $155.  Photos in a newspaper can cost $180

Transfer Costs

No additional fee if someone passes away in a public hospital.  Up to $375 maximum for a transfer from aged care, private hospital or private homes.

Floral Upgrades

Allow $250-$450 for a large batt of fresh flowers of your choice

Memorial Cards

$1.50 per card.  This varies subject to volume.

* These are fees set by the selected cemetery and not ourselves.

Prepaid Funeral

This service is available as a fixed price prepaid funeral for an additional $275. All funds are independently invested with your wishes and all products and services detailed.

Cremation Option

This service can be adapted to be used for a cremation service.  Talk to us about the various options.

Fine Print

AV facilities available only in selected locations. Full Church AV services available with our $4895 option.