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If you are not ready to setup a prepaid funeral with Natural Funerals but want to do some planning, we have the option of our free preplan only service or My Funeral Wishes.



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We understand that talking about death with your family is one of the most stressful things you will ever do. We have for over 16 years offered this service simply called My Funeral Wishes.  In this time people have planned their funeral, provided us with their eulogy to read and even some provided very deep messages to be read at funerals.  

While some write what they wish to have happen on their death in their will, usually this is not readily available at the time of a death.  By using My Funeral Wishes your preferences and instructions are known upon a death.

You do not have to have a prepaid funeral to use My Funeral Wishes.  Most people use it as a free preplan service.  The choice of providing a eulogy to have read is optional.

Please use the form below and we will be in contact soon with the link to the new My Funeral Wishes template.

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Our caring team will guide you through the funeral process, every step of the way

Step 1
 You arrange

Make initial funeral
arrangements online with the help of our dedicated team.

Step 2
 We transfer

We will collect your loved one from where they are into our care and for the funeral.

Step 3
 We do the paperwork

We arrange all medical certificates and register the death and organise the cemetery.

Step 4
 We guide you

We arrange the return of cremated remains or connect you with a
monumental mason.