A full service option with some of our best coffin choices available and a range of premium products and services.  While specifically designed especially for larger venues such as Heysen Chapel at Centennial Park, it is also good for longer services. 

The Premium Service

What's included

  • A full eulogy service in a chapel
  • Choice of music
  • Doctors medical certificates arranged 
  • Cremation fees 
  • Banksia 1.8m Gloss Coffin

  • Memorial Candle

  • Civil Celebrant to lead the service
  • 30-60 Photo DVD Presentation plus HD copy
  • Premium Fresh Pastel Colour Floral Batt and tributes
  • 200 Memorial Cards 
  • Newspaper notices arranged (pricing is at cost)
  • Preparation for service in our professional mortuary facilities
  • Full AV facilities - indoor or outdoor services

  • Transfer from an Adelaide Public Hospital or State Coroner
  • Ashes available for collection within 72 hours of cremation
  • Additional services can be added
  • Chapel service

  • Premium extra pack included 

Prices :

Chapel Service $6,500

Premium Coffin selection option

The choice of a Creative Coffin, Solid Pine or Willow Casket  for $7,500

Available :

  • Enfield Memorial Park Chapels
  • Centennial Park Florey Chapel
  • Centennial Park Heysen Chapel 
  • Partridge House Glenelg - Indoor or Outdoor
  • Other selected locations

Twilight services available +$500

Prepaid Funeral

This service is available as a fixed price prepaid funeral for an additional $275. All funds are independently invested with your wishes and all products and services detailed.

Burial Option

This service can be adapted to be used for a burial service. Additional costs apply which will be cemetery licence, interment and setup costs. Talk to us about the various options. 

All locations / after hours transfer fee ($275-$375)

Partridge House in Glenelg
Partridge House in Glenelg
Partridge House in Glenelg
Partridge House in Glenelg
Graveside Services
Graveside Services