The Flower Service by Natural

When it has to be colourful.

Elegant floral funeral service.

Everything you need in a full service option with a beautiful coffin, large fresh flowers, candles, a civil celebrant or clergy to lead the service and many extra additional services. 

This service is suitable to a variety of locations but mainly services attended by 50+ persons. Colour is the theme with this service with many variations available. 
This service includes a lot of flowers but can be adjusted to include other requests.

What is included :

Included in this service:

  • A full service funeral in a chapel
  • Choice of music
  • Doctors medical certificates
  • Cremation fees
  • Banksia 1.8m Coloured Coffin Range
  • Civil Celebrant or Clergy Fee
  • 30-60 Photo DVD Presentation
  • Fresh Floral Batt and tributes
  • Additional formal floral arrangements included
  • 100 Memorial Cards
  • Memorial Candle

  • Newspaper notices arranged (pricing is at cost)
  • Mortuary care

  • Transfer from an Adelaide public hospital or the State Coroner
  • Free scatter tube available.
  • Premium extras package included

What does it cost ?

Chapel service only $5,900 incl GST

Where ?

  • Enfield Memorial Park Chapels
  • Centennial Park Mawson Chapel
  • Centennial Park Florey Chapel + $100
  • Centennial Park Heysen Chapel + $500
  • Partridge House in Glenelg 
  • Talk to us about your location

Main additional costs / options

  • Transfer from anywhere other than a Adelaide Public Hospital or the State Coroner $255 (metro area only).
  • Newspaper notices
  • Cemetery fees (if burial)
  • Hospitality
  • Normal weekday times apply

Best suited for

When colour is important.  A lot of quality floral arrangements are included together with scented candles.  A unique and relaxed service led by our special civil celebrants.

Our caring team will guide you through the funeral process, every step of the way

Step 1
 You arrange

Make initial funeral
arrangements online with the help of our dedicated team.

Step 2
 We transfer

We will collect your loved one from where they are into our care and for the funeral.

Step 3
 We do the paperwork

We arrange all medical certificates and register the death and organise the cemetery.

Step 4
 We guide you

We arrange the return of cremated remains or connect you with a
monumental mason.