Prepaid and Preplanning

We plan for most of the big occasions in our life. Our team will help you create the ultimate occasion, creating a lasting memory for your family and friends.

Using our packages as a guide we will help you calculate costs and advise you on how to set aside money so your final wishes can be recorded and paid for in advance, with no need for your family or friends to be troubled for contributions or make painful decisions.

Plan Only

Some like to make plans for themselves or a loved one well ahead of when it is needed. When a funeral needs to be arranged there are a lot of things needing to be done, lots of information needed for the official death certificate.

Our online planning form takes care of a lot of the information needed ahead of time.

Female and Male Staff Available

You can choose to request a male or female consultant to visit you to make funeral plans. Simply ask us when you make contact.

Prepaid Funeral

Fully Guaranteed Prepaid Funerals

However much prices rise, your loved ones will have nothing extra to pay for the services included in your Plan.

Planned and carried out by us

We'll help you plan your funeral and when the time comes, it's us who will carry out your wishes too.

Fully flexible Plan

Change your details, wishes at no extra cost and upgrade your plan anytime.

Burial and Cremation

We offer Fully Guaranteed Plans for both burial and cremation.

Guaranteed acceptance

You can start a Pre-paid Funeral Plan today. There's no upper age limit and no medical is required.

Fees and Charges

All prepaid funerals have a setup fee of $120-$275 per contract (subject to type of plan selected).

Please note that some services on this website are not available as prepaid funerals (eg: the Intimate Service).

Funeral Bond

A funeral bond is a specialised investment which enables you to put aside funds to meet future funeral expenses. An investment in a funeral bond is similar to a trust account which accrues bonuses and becomes payable at the time of death. The benefits can only be used to meet your funeral expenses. A funeral bond is an investment towards the cost of a funeral. Should final costs be either more or less than the investment, we will either issue an account or a refund to the estate for the balance.

What are the benefits?

• You can start with as little as $100 and make regular payments to suit your own budget and circumstances. You can cease payments when your nominated target amount is reached.
• Your family will be relieved from the financial burden of funeral expenses and you will have peace of mind knowing that combined with a preplan all arrangements are in place
• You can ensure that your exact wishes are made known
• You may be able to maximise your pension entitlement as funds are exempt from the Centrelink/DVA income and assets test.

• A maximum of $13,000 can be paid into the plan and will not be subject to deemed earning rules.

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For those looking ahead

A Prepaid Funeral Plan is the smart way to pay for your funeral in advance. It allows you to protect your loved ones from rising funeral costs, as well as ensuring your funeral is carried out according to your wishes. All funds are safely independently invested.

Prepay at todays prices knowing you're not leaving a financial burden

Protect your loved ones

Design a funeral the way you want, without excess or financial burden.

Your funeral, your way

Funds are independently invested meaning everything is totally secure.

Fully secured investment

Done your way

It can be difficult to talk about funerals with your family and how you'd like things to be arranged, but it is important to make your wishes known if you have specific requests for your funeral.

Putting a funeral plan in place will help ensure your wishes are carried out while at the same time relieving your loved ones from additional stress or uncertainty over your funeral wishes.

We focus on the practical and essential elements of the funeral, putting you in control of the finer details.

Your funeral wishes can be as simple or as detailed as you like. Whether it spells out the music you wish to play, location, a special poem to be read, or perhaps you'd prefer a direct cremation with a memorial at a place special to you.  All can be detailed.

Essentials Covered

We have over the years changed the way funerals are conducted and performed, making them less stressful and more relaxed. We try to offer greater choice and flexibility in how your loved ones remember your life in our services and plans.

We don't want to take away the sentiment and remembrance that comes with a funeral, but we do believe there is an alternative, more natural way.

All our plans cover the essential costs for a simple funeral including cremation fees, a simple coffin, care at our mortuaries and the death certificate.

Your family will have the freedom to make additional arrangements when the time comes.

Our services do not include some of the more expensive costs such as a hearse, limousines and pallbearers. This means we can provide our funeral services for much less than other funeral directors.

Cost Protection

Our Prepaid Funeral Plans are an affordable way to pay for your funeral in advance. You'll know exactly how much you have to pay without having to worry about inflation or future price rises.

Your pre paid funeral plan will be fixed at todays costs with no more to pay for these services in the future, no matter how much costs may increase.

A plan will also help to protect those left behind, helping to avoid placing a financial burden on your family in the event of your death.