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This section outlines people and services we either use or have had highly recommended to us.  It is provided as a helpful guide in planning a funeral. 

Death Doulas or End of Life Carers

Helen Roberts is a known "End of Life Doula", provide non-medical service and support to dying people and their families. Walking along side you as a companion offering knowledge and presence.

Helens work is well known to Natural Funerals and we warmly recommend her services to those who feel it can be of benefit.

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Cafe on a bike

Mobile bicycle coffee cart making proper barista coffee and a quality cup of tea. Fully flexible and great at a graveside following a burial service or in a shady location following a burial, garden or church service,

When we so proper coffee, we mean "proper" coffee.  No International Roast to be seen !

Priced $330 incl GST

Contact Stuart on 0439 694 046

Mayfair Florists

Mayfair are our preferred florist of choice.  All our flowers are ordered through Mayfair and you are welcome to contact them directly if you have specific ideas.

08 8272 4833

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Ashes into Space


Aura Flights' unique space burial service can launch a loved ones ashes to the edge of space, free to travel the world on a breathtaking final journey. The ascent and release are captured on video to create a treasured memorial film to remember the event. With a commitment to quality and care, Aura will guide you throughout the journey. 

How its done

Aura use lighter-than-air hydrogen gas balloons to carry the ashes over 30km above the planet's surface, to the region known as Near Space. Here, the air is less than 1% of the density at sea level, the temperature is below -60° and the view is breathtaking. You can see the curvature of the Earth, the faint blue glow of the atmosphere, and the blackness of space above.

In this serene and beautiful environment, Auras' intelligent scatter vessel opens, allowing the ashes to pour out in a gentle cascade. The dual camera pods film the moment of release from multiple angles. From here, they are carried around the world on stratospheric winds, encircling the globe and joining with the Earth's atmosphere over the following weeks and months before finally returning to Earth in raindrops and snowflakes.

​After the ashes are released, the balloon rises further and expands due to the pressure change, eventually bursting and dropping the equipment back to Earth in a controlled descent. Alongside the scatter vessel, the balloon carries computer equipment to track and monitor the flight and a parachute system which brings the equipment down safely. Aura recover their equipment and in the week following the flight, use the video footage from the flight to make a beautiful memorial video of the scattering to commemorate the departed individual.

​While the route taken by the balloon is determined by stratospheric wind conditions on the day, Aura use cutting-edge computer simulations and weather data collected from over 100 sources across the globe to predict the flight path to within a few hundred metres, allowing them to conduct  launches safely and with confidence.

The release occurs in England and we can arrange the sending of the remains to the UK for release.

Funeral ideas.

Butterflies at funerals

There is an Adelaide based company called Bugs N Slugs that can provide butterflies to be released at a funeral.

Provided on the day of the service in a temperature controlled setting,  the butterflies will awaken from their sleep to be released at hopefully just the right moment.

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Looking for a Piper

Brett Tidswell is a local piper with a significant International reputation. He has over 40 years experience performing at funerals from the simplest family affair to full State funerals. Brett is the National Principal of Piping with the Australian Pipe Band Association. He has been a piper with the Strathclyde (Glasgow) Police Pipe Band (20 X World Pipe Band Champions). Brett co-founded the City of Adelaide Pipe Band and has won 5 X Australian Pipe Band Championships and the Southern Hemisphere's most prestigious solo piping competition on a record 13 occasions. He will create a truly memorable experience for your family.
Contact: Mobile: 0430 726 618 


Glass spheres, hearts and pendants made in SA

Each glass piece is made with the finest quality glass and is lovingly hand-crafted at the world-renowned JamFactory Glass Studio in Adelaide, South Australia.

Eternity Memorial glass spheres, glass hearts and pendants are crafted with the finest quality glass. The ash is then carefully embedded into the glass in a swirl pattern and becomes an integral and unique part of your glass memorial sphere or pendant.

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Alkaline Hydrolysis

Our Opinion 

The alkaline hydrolysis process is known by a number of names or terms, Resomation, BioCremation, flameless cremation, chemical cremation, green cremation and aquamation. 

The fundamentals of this process is placing a body into a pressurized tank where a water/alkaline solution is heated to typically 300 degrees Fahrenheit.  The body can be placed into the pressure tank covered in a simple shroud. No coffin required. The chemical reaction of the salts and gases over 6-8 hours allows the solution to degrade the body back to bones.  The higher the temperature, the quicker the process.  These bones are then crushed into fragments and returned to the family (same as flame cremation is today).  The time will vary subject to body size.

Currently this process is very restricted due to the laws in most states not permitting it.  The biggest problem is the disposal of the high alkaline solution. While development is improving to neutralize the alkaline and ph element with acids and filtering, under SA Water Regulations and the SA Burial and Cremation Act 2013 this process is currently illegal.  

Is it greener ?

Simply the answer is yes.  There are no emissions and the waste is void of DNA and mostly dissolved by the total process.  No gas is used and electricity is minimal compared to other technology's.  While a lot of water is used, after filtering it can be recycled and used on land safely in the right environment.  

While there is one operator of this method interstate, the environmental benefits of using AH are not sustained as the body has to be transported interstate for AH to occur.  The costs and CO2 emitted in doing this outweigh the benefits compared to cremation using one of the new generation of cremators in Adelaide.

Given time this will be an accepted alternative to flame cremation but we will probably not see this in SA for many years (unless a lot of rules change).