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The Natural Funeral Co.

140 Richmond Road, Marleston SA 5033

(Near bus stop 3A).


PO Box 3003, Hilton Plaza SA 5033

Phone numbers
08 8311 3991  or

  • Colin Clarke 0411 235 882
  • Grace Haysman 0480 207 213
  • Cathy Clarke 0412 070 351

Fax Number

08 8311 1789

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We also can meet you in the comfort of your own home or

Enfield Memorial Park : Gordon Street, Clearview SA

We can meet you in one of the private rooms to arrange a funeral or discuss preplanning options.  Simply call us to arrange a suitable time

Centennial Park Cemetery  

Subject to availability we can meet you at the Jubilee Chapel Complex where services can be arranged and even a quick look at the chapels can often be provided.  Simply call us to arrange a suitable time.