Our promise to you

At The Natural Funeral Company, we are here for you from the very first call - all hours, everyday. Unlike some, you will always speak to an on call funeral director who will be with you all the way from the first call to us.

Whether we begin with a phone call from a hospital, hospice, a family member or a friend, our funeral directors are available all hours to assist you.

We design funerals that you and your loved one would want.  A service should tell a story, one that that respects, honours and celebrates a life.  

We pride ourselves on working transparently. All of our services and prices are clearly listed on this website. For many services we provide we have a simple philosophy of what it costs us is what it cost you, with no excessive markups.

We will discuss during our initial meeting the choice of cemetery or chapel, coffin, flowers and music.  Memorial cards and whether to have a minister of religion or a civil celebrant will also be decided.  During all of this you are encouraged to ask questions and offer your suggestions to ensure the right service is being designed.

Communication is important to us.  We try to keep you informed about things such as where your loved one is, when the cremation may take place and where any cremated remains may be.  

About Us

We are a locally owned funeral company, born and bred here in Adelaide.  Our guiding principle is to encourage families to be involved as much or as little as they want in a funeral service, designing services that are simple, beautiful and natural in approach.  In our modern world, expectations have changed as to what a funeral should look like or how we should remember someone who has died.  As a South Australian independent funeral provider, we believe we should all be aware of our options.

At The Natural Funeral Company we will help you understand what is possible.


As a smaller funeral home, we offer a level of care not possible by the corporate funeral homes.  The person who arranges your loved ones funeral will be with you all the way to the day of the funeral service, and after to provide support. 

Our main team consists of Colin Clarke, Grace Haysman and Jess Marquardt-Gray.  We also have a loyal team of support staff and suppliers.

What makes us different ?

We don't treat our families as a number.  Our small team help people to celebrate the life of a loved one well, in a meaningful and appropriate way.  All of our funerals are customised to your specific needs.  

Honesty, care and integrity are at the centre of everything we do. By providing our package guides and service costs on this website we aim to be transparent with our pricing. We charge a low fee for our professional services and, unlike many funeral directors, we do not make huge profits on products such as coffins, flowers, newspaper notices and urns. 

If you want to do your own thing and just utilise our services for arranging paperwork and mortuary care, then we can support you with a DIY home funeral.

Ultimately, The Natural Funeral Company is here for you to help in anyway we can.  With our friendly approach, green credentials and better pricing, we have grown to become a trusted funeral services provider.