We are funeral planners doing things differently. Custom, bespoke personal celebrations

About Natural

The Natural Funeral Company is one of Adelaide's most trusted providers of funeral services.

We are boutique funeral planners, with a large range of affordable options for families

Marleston Viewing Room
Marleston Viewing Room

We are not your average funeral home.

Before you do anything.

We are a little bit different to most funeral directors in Adelaide so please take a moment to see if we are the right funeral people for you.

Firstly, we arrange and conduct services in a more life affirming, relaxed and gentle way, preferring to get to know your needs first then work with you to design the right service.  Our aim is to do as much or as little as you want or need from us. We listen.

We use technology a lot, encouraging the initial planning to done via this website and our online planning form, meeting with you to sign the required documents and discussing personal choices. It also saves a lot of paper this way.

We don't specialize in big religious services, but we can assist you.

We are also all about plastic reduction.  We encourage the use of natural rope handles in lieu of plastic whenever practical, or simply we request the crematorium to remove and recycle them.  They are never reused on coffins but are shredded and turned into plastic pellets for future products.

Our mortuary care ethos is "less is best", reducing the invasive nature of mortuary care, chemical free and use natural soaps and oils whenever we can. We also don't go overboard with makeup.  If you wish us to leave the body alone we can do that too. We are happy to work with death doulas and enable home funerals.

We care about you being able to say goodbye your way and less about big profits.  Whatever your needs and ideas, talk to us.  Kindness and providing honest transparent options and support is what we strongly believe in.

Are we local?

Natural is a South Australian Owned in every sense. Our people are all born here, take personal interest and care in what we do and look after the families who place their trust in us as if they were our own family.

At The Natural Funeral Company, we are here for you from the very first call, all hours, every day. Unlike some, you will always speak to an on-call funeral planners who will be able to answer your questions.

Whether we begin with a phone call from a hospital, hospice, a family member or a friend, our funeral directors are available all hours to assist you.

The Little Guy

We believe in supporting the little guy, ie local small business and suppliers. We like to use and promote local products and venues and avoid corporate whenever we can. If you have a product you think we may interested in please contact us.

How we do things.

We design funerals that you and your loved one would want. A service should tell a story, one that that respects, honours and celebrates a life.

We pride ourselves on working transparently. All of our services and prices are clearly listed on this website. For many services we provide we have a simple philosophy of what it costs us is what it cost you, with no excessive markups.

We will discuss during our initial meeting the choice of cemetery or venue, coffin, flowers and music, memorial cards and whether to have a minister of religion or a civil celebrant will also be decided. During all of this you are encouraged to ask questions and offer your suggestions to ensure the right service is being designed.

What our families say

Our client families rely on us at a difficult time.  These are some of the many messages received.

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Our coffins

Where possible we source from Australian suppliers who manufacture locally.  

Some we make ourselves.

We also import our own natural fibre range which are from fair trade manufacturers in South East Asia.

Where we operate

We provide funeral services mainly in the cemetery rooms at Enfield and Centennial Park, Partridge House Glenelg, our Marleston Room or your church.

For any other locations please feel free to call us.

Immediate Assistance

When you experience the loss of a loved one, or if you simply need some advice on options and what to do, please feel free to call us.

08 8311 3991

Here for you

We don't treat our families as a number.  Our small team help people to celebrate the life of a loved one well, in a meaningful and appropriate way.  All of our funerals are customised to your specific needs.  

Honesty, care and integrity are at the centre of everything we do. By providing our package guides and service costs on this website we aim to be transparent with our pricing. We charge a low fee for our professional services, and unlike many funeral directors, we do not make huge profits on products such as coffins, flowers, newspaper notices and urns. 

If you want to do your own thing and just utilize our services for arranging paperwork and mortuary care, then we can support you with a DIY home funeral.

Keeping things as green with minimal waste is a key base of what we do, especially behind the scenes.  Our coffins are mainly made with low polluting board or natural fibre, we use bioplastic linings in all our coffins, avoid satin fabrics, toxic lacquers and all our pillows are filled with shredded paper or straw.

Ultimately, The Natural Funeral Company is here for you to help in any way we can.  With our friendly approach, green credentials and better pricing, we have grown to become a trusted funeral services provider.