Over the past 12 months options for refreshments following a service have changed considerably with restrictions and new alternative options appearing.  Gone are the days you simply have a cup of tea and coffee with a biscuit in a lounge.

We have separated the many options following a funeral service into the following groups to make planning easier.  Some we will arrange for you, others you can simply do yourself with support from the venue provider.

All subject to Covid 19 rules at time of need.

Option 1A

Hospitality lounge, a cemetery premium lounge facility.  Full catering and refreshment option.  

Centennial Park.

Centennial Park has created a new space for families to remember their loved one over high quality catering and refreshments.  The new Centennial Park Lounge Facility is a function space like no other, expertly catered by Blanco Horner Catering with pricing options from $9.50 per person** plus room hire which is around $420. 

Compared to some venues where minimum spend, large room hire fees and a lack of privacy, this new facility provides a high standard of catering.

If you want to simply have a barista made cuppa with family following a service, the new Wildflowers Cafe at Centennial Park is now open.

For details on catering options in their new lounge facility please call us or download their catering brochure on this page.  

Enfield Memorial Park

Use of lounge room is available for $400 and a flexible inclusive catering option can then be added at very affordable prices.  Full pricing and details are available on request.

From $9.50 per person

Option 1B

Specific catering is available at Enfield Memorial Park but due to Covid restrictions it must be served to you by our staff under controlled circumstances.  Please call to discuss the options available. 


Option 2

Local hotels near Centennial Park and Enfield Memorial Park.  We have arranged special room hire rates and discounts on catering at a number of venues. 


Option 3

Use of traditional chapel lounges (where available) following services for tea, coffee and biscuits

$400-$500 avg,

Option 4

Mobile bicycle coffee cart making barista coffee and a quality cup of tea. Fully flexible and great at a graveside following a burial service or in a shady location following a burial, garden or church service,


** Minimum spend for 20 persons plus room hire.  Must be prebooked in advance.  [Cemetery requirement].

Our mobile roving coffee cart option.  Great for graveside services and post chapel gatherings in fresh air.

Maybe a wine or beer at a local hotel following a service.

Traditional tea and coffee following a service can be arranged.