Our preferred way of sending music and photos to us.

Instructions :

Sending photos and music to Natural Funerals

We highly recommend using https://wetransfer.com It has a large capacity

To begin visit wetransfer.com

You will see some advertising along the lines of subscribing to WeTransfer Free or Pro - IGNORE THIS

Underneath you will see a link to click "I just want to send files".  Click this link.

On the left of the screen (if using a pc) there will be Upload Files Link or Select a folder.

If you have placed all your media in a folder on your phone or computer select "select a folder".

Click the folder your wish to send us with all your media (or completed MP4 file)

Enter your email address - this is for a confirmation pin number to be sent to.

Enter our email address. Please use media@naturalfunerals.co

Any messages can be included in the message box.


Check your email. You will receive a 6 digit pin code to input into the wetransfer sending box.

Insert pin code and click SEND.

If everything is working as it should you will be all done.