How much and where

We're here to help and guide you with an open and honest price guide

We have kept our price guide as clear and as simple as possible.  The main extra costs are as follows :

Transfer from a home, aged care or private hospital, cemetery fees (for burial), memorial cards and hospitality (catering).

Chapel Funeral Services

Full service funerals involve a chapel or church service with a coffin, viewing, sometimes memorial cards, flowers and a celebrant all included. Many can be used for cremation or burial. 

Private No Formal Service

The most simple of cremations with all the essential costs included. The option of a viewing is available. Many locations and variations available.  

Small Committal Service

When a private service doesn't feel right but a full service is too much. This is a small family led funeral service for around 12 people with the opportunity to speak. 


Burial Options

All prices + Cemetery Fees

We offer a comprehensive range of burial services all shown on one place.

Other Services We Can Offer

While we specialise in cremation services and natural burials, we are also experienced in the following specific services :

Hindu Funerals - Cremation $5,850 Full cremation rites

Catholic Church Services $5,850 plus burial fees

Bahai Funerals $5,850 plus burial fees

Total End Of Life Service - Family Home Cared

Genuine authentic home funerals. For the special situation when a loved one passes away at home and their wishes are to stay in the family home. We can help ensure things are done safely and enable a service to also be held in the family home.

We also happily work with Death Doulas who will support you and your loved one in end of life care.

Everything from the cooling pad, a celebrant, eco friendly coffin will be included.  Call to discuss

End of Life / Doula Care

Arrange the right funeral service for a loved one

Everyone has different needs when it comes to designing a funeral service. There are many things to consider from the choice of music, coffin and if memorial cards are needed.

Funeral costs

To ensure transparency with pricing for funeral good and services, we openly provide a funeral price list so you can see all the costs involved in a funeral service.

To view and download our general price list please click on the button below.

Our general terms and conditions

All prices include GST.

All services will be custom designed to your specific needs. If something is not needed, the price will be reduced.

Additional services - slideshows, memorial cards, facilitating donations etc are available for additional cost (if not included in an inclusive package).

Payment accepted via cash, bank transfer or credit card. Where credit is used a 2% transaction fee applies.

All services more than 1 hour from our Marleston office have a minimum service fee of $3500 incl GST.  This includes our classic range coffin, simple flowers, mortuary care, hearse and two staff for a set time at a location. Transfer costs and venue/cemetery costs additional.

Transfers are done within the Adelaide metro area. Travelling charges apply to areas outside of the Adelaide area (POA). Transfers outside of business hours (8.30am - 5pm, Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays) involves an out of hours charge. This is based on when we are requested to attend a location, allowing for a suitable travel time to reach the location.  Aged care, private hospitals and private homes incur a transfer fee all hours.

5pm-12am and 6am-8.30am $255

12.01am-5.59am $375 

We will travel to anywhere in the state on request.  Call us for exact pricing information.

We are also able to arrange the collection and repatriation of people who pass away interstate.

Prices apply to services performed within normal business hours (8.30am - 5pm Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays) and burials and cremations performed within usual cemetery and/or business hours.  Twilight services are at our normal prices plus the venues surcharge (if applicable).

Size and weight limitations apply for coffin and casket sizing options. Talk to us about the details.

All services subject to Covid directions on the day of the service.

The Rules

All funerals in South Australia are governed by the South Australian Burial and Cremation Act 2013 together with the associated regulations.