Create a heartfelt funeral today

We have kept our price guide as clear and as simple as possible.  The main extra costs are as follows: 

Transfer cost by a gentle team, medical documentation, cemetery fees (for burial), memorial cards and hospitality (catering).


No two funerals are ever the same.  Every farewell is unique to the person it is for.  While we offer package pricing, this is to make understanding the costs of a funeral easier to understand. We have tried to provide clarity and transparency in regards to what funerals cost and their level of complexity. 

When you meet to arrange a funeral with one of our funeral directors, you will be provided with a funeral contract which shows the cost of the funeral and any additional services to be arrange.

Financial help when you need it.

We have a large range of services that can be adapted to suit your financial situation.  Everyone deserves a good farewell and our services provide for a story to be told with dignity and affordability.  

If you are in a situation where money is tight and you have a limited budget to spend, please talk to us.  We assist many families with our low-cost options that are dignified and allow for mourners to be present, and words spoken.  

Garden Services

We provide garden funeral services at locations such as Partridge House in Glenelg that include a full ceremony, with all the essential needs.

Garden service information >

Partridge House information/pictures >

Private Cremation

With a viewing included.

The most simple of services with a simple but respectful coffin, a viewing and plenty of opportunity to say goodbye.

Marleston (as pictured) is our standard viewing location but other places are available.

Private Cremation fr $1,950 >

Venue Services

Whether you choose to have a service in a cemetery chapel, church or other venue, we are here to assist you with a range of affordable options.

Simple :  Essential Service $4,350

Traditional :  Dignity Service $4,850

Larger :  Natural Endings Modern $6,195

Simple Farewells

With a celebrant and a few words spoken.

We have two options available when you don't really need a full venue service, but a private cremation is not enough.

At Marleston, our $2,700 service includes a viewing and a celebrant to lead a short service.  Family and friends are welcome to speak and share memories.

The $2,975 to $3,700 Intimate Service is longer in nature, includes music, a nice coffin and flowers and there are a choice of locations available.

>  $2,700 Committal Service

>  Intimate Service


Traditional Burial

In cemetery locations across Adelaide

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Natural Earth Burial

Specifically at Wirra Wonga (Enfield) and Pilyu Yarta (Smithfield).

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Special services range

Childrens Funerals

These are provided at cost with no markup.

About Childrens Funerals

Home funerals

Funerals done in the home and also working to keep the person at home after they have died. 

About Home Funerals

Humanist Funerals

No religion at all mentioned and a little light on with the poetry.  These are straight down the line services with no waffle, just the opportunity to talk and say goodbye. 

More about Humanist Funerals

The steps to arrange a funeral

Call us 24 / 7

Our dedicated team are available 24 hours to offer advice and start the process of arranging a funeral.

Collection of your loved one

We arrange the transfer from the place of death of your loved one.  Always with care and compassion by professionally trained staff.

Arrange the funeral

Initially online via our easy form, we will then meet with you to personalise your funeral needs. We ensure it is personal, meaningful and affordable.

We arrange everything.

We put all the elements together to make the funeral work well and follow your wishes.

Funeral costs

To ensure transparency with pricing for funeral good and services, we openly provide a funeral price list so you can see all the costs involved in a funeral service.

Our general terms and conditions

All prices include GST.

All services will be custom designed to your specific needs. If something is not needed, the price will be reduced.

Additional services - slideshows, memorial cards, facilitating donations etc are available for additional cost (if not included in an inclusive package).

Payment accepted via cash, bank transfer or credit card. Where credit is used a transaction fee applies.

Package prices apply to funeral services performed within normal business hours (8.00am - 4pm Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays) and burials and cremations performed within usual cemetery and/or business hours.  Twilight services are at our normal prices plus the venue surcharge (if applicable).

Size and weight limitations apply for coffin and casket sizing options (1800*550*330mm). Talk to us about the details.

The Rules

All funerals in South Australia are governed by the South Australian Burial and Cremation Act 2013 together with the associated regulations.  

Our Rules

Our main one is that we will not be involved in any way in the release of balloons at funerals.