Natural services specifically designed for Enfield Memorial Park

Folland or Acacia

A selection of services that can be provided in either chapel. Seated 80-98

Service packages :

  • Intimate : $2,975 incl GST
  • Essential : $3,975 incl GST
  • Dignity : $4,500 incl GST


Enfield Memorial Park situated in Clearview, just north of the Adelaide CBD has two chapels, the Folland and the Acacia.  These can be used for burial, cremation or memorial services. Both are equipped with up to date technology to allow family photo presentations, and clear music to be played as part of a service.  Each reflection room is complemented by a lounge for tea/coffee/biscuits following the main service when requested.


Acacia Chapel : The seated capacity 94 with additional standing room available.

Folland Chapel : The seated capacity is 108 with additional standing room available.

Folland Lounge
Folland Lounge
Acacia Chapel
Acacia Chapel
Folland Chapel - Enfield Memorial Park
Folland Chapel - Enfield Memorial Park


Are cremations actually carried out at Enfield Memorial Park ?


How long do services usually last there?

Official allocated time is 45 minutes in the chapel followed by 60 minutes in the lounge.  Additional time can be booked in advance if a longer service is expected.

Burial Options

There are many areas with the cemetery where you can choose to have a burial.  Visit the Adelaide Cemeteries Authority website for more information as

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The Future

A new chapel complex is being constructed adjacent to the existing buildings at Enfield Memorial Park.  Expected completion is late 2023. 

Artist impressions of the new building are shown in this section.