Cremation urns and keepsakes

This gallery displays our standard range that we offer with the option of selecting something from a downloadable catalog. 

Heart in their Hand


'Heart in their Hand' is a beautiful project which offers families a gift that is shared with their baby or loved one.

The keepsake heart pops out and can be placed in the loved one's hand or blanket when saying goodbye and the keyring is taken home as a beautiful reminder of the connection shared.  The little heart stays with your loved one on their next journey.

$65 incl GST

Adult Metal Urns

Journey Water Urns

Designed to dissolve in water in 5 minutes

These urns biodegrade quickly in water and are intended for burial in deep water or the earth. When placed in the water they float briefly then sink, biodegrading naturally. We carry three designs and you can write messages on them and draw on them.

Scatter Tubes

Keepsake Urns


White Love Sterling Silver Pendent

Tear Drop 18ct Gold Vermeil

Cylinder - Sterling Silver

There are literally hundreds of different pendants available.  Contact us for details.


Exclusive to Natural Funerals.  Sits in the palm of your hand, this decorative glass urn can handle about a cup of cremated remains inside it.  Hand made in England UK.  Available to order only.

About Urns

The urns and keepsakes provided on this page are a small selection of what is available. For more choices click on the link below to download our suppliers catalog.

As a general guide the metal urns handle the contents of one adult when filled. These range in price from $280-$350.  The Heart Urns are small so be aware there will be plenty of cremated remains left over.  These cost $150 ea.  Scattering Urns are $78 and Water Urn are $85  Most small keepsake urns are $75

Our supplier's brochure is accessible below: