Cremation urns and keepsakes

This gallery displays our standard range that we offer with the option of selecting something from a downloadable catalog. 

Water Urns

Designed to dissolve in water in 5 minutes


White Love SS Pendent

Tear Drop 18ct Gold Vermeil

Cylinder - Sterling Silver

About Urns

The urns and keepsakes provided on this page are a small selection of what is available. For more choices click on the link below to download our suppliers catalog.

As a general guide the metal urns handle the contents of one adult when filled. These range in price from $280-$350.  The Heart Urns are small so be aware there will be plenty of cremated remains left over.  These cost $150 ea.  Scattering Urns are $75 and Water Urn are $85  Most small keepsake urns are $75