Cremation urns and keepsakes

This gallery displays our standard range that we offer with the option of selecting something from a downloadable catalog.

Something in colour

Modern Multi Colour Abstract Urn

Modern Green Abstract Adult Urn

Modern Red Brush Adult Urn

Modern Blue Opal Adult Urn

(Special order)

Modern Grey Gold Strokes Adult Urn

Modern Blue Abstract Urn

Silver finish 

White Enamel and Nickel Adult Urn



Gold finish

Embassy Gold and White Adult Urn

Mother of Pearl Gold Adult Urn

A beautiful unique farewell. 


Fly away

Blue on Blue Butterfly Adult Urn



Scatter tubes

Scatter Tube Beach

Scatter Tube Pink Blossom

Scatter Tube Grey Blossom

Scatter Tube Butterflies

Water burial urns

Designed to dissolve in water in 5 minutes

Cornflowers Ocean Urn

Butterflies Ocean Urn

Autumn Leaves Urn

More choices

Platinum Gold Adult Urn

Adult Pink Rose

Adult Birds Going Home

Candle urns

Pink and Silver Candle Urn

Other colours available.



White Love SS Pendent

Tear Drop 18ct Gold Vermeil

Cylinder - Sterling Silver

About Urns

The urns and keepsakes provided on this page are a small selection of what is available. For more choices click on the link below to download our suppliers catalog.

As a general guide the metal urns handle the contents of one adult when filled. These range in price from $280-$350.  The Heart Urns are small so be aware there will be plenty of cremated remains left over.  These cost $150 ea.  Scattering Urns are $75 and Water Urn are $85  Most small keepsake urns are $75