Coffin and Caskets

We offer a large range of choice when it comes to the selection of a coffin or casket.

All our packages include a coffin as standard but you are welcome to choose an alternative from the range shown.  Prices are available from your funeral arranger.  Some products are specially made or ordered and may take a few extra days to be provided.

Banksia Gloss Range

Somerset Range

The Wool

Wool caskets are a range of products with a true green lineage. An annually renewable and truly sustainable resource it is Mother Nature's own Smart Fibre, highly functionable and fully biodegradable without causing damage to our precious planet.

The Classic

This coffin is our standard presentable coffin suitable for services.  It is included in many of our packages.  It is a dark mahogany veneer colour and is pressed onto an e-zero mdf board. Depending on the package it comes with either none, 4 or 6 silver handles.

Classic 1.8m Sapelle Satin Coffin
Classic 1.8m Sapelle Satin Coffin

Eco Coffin

Limited Series

Other Choices

Flowers as shown in all images not included and are provided as an example of options available.

Handles subject to variation.

Want to change the handles ?

Choose something different  from a sample of our large range below.