Traditional Coffin and Caskets

We offer a large range of choice when it comes to the selection of a coffin or casket.

All our packages include a coffin as standard but you are welcome to choose an alternative from the range shown.  Prices are available from your funeral arranger.  Some products are specially made or ordered and may take a few extra days to be provided.  All are Australian Made.

Caskets & Coffins

What is the difference between a Casket and Coffin? 

A common question asked when planning a funeral and the difference is in the design. Caskets are usually rectangular with a hinged lid, a Coffin is a hexagonal shape with wide shoulders. Caskets are more fancy inside with a lined lid and a padded mattresses and pillows, Coffins have a more simple interior. Some of range such as those made from Willow and Wool are called caskets but this is more to do with their size and design. 

What are they made from ?

Most of our range, with the exception of the timber coffins, is produced using Australian produced E Zero MDF board.   

What does that mean?   E Zero MDF is a low formaldehyde emitting Medium Density Fibreboard product. It has a formaldehyde emission of less than 0.5mg/L. This is lower than the current Australian standard.   That means it is not only safer for the people who have made the coffin or casket, it is better for the environment whether being used for burial or cremation.

Traditional Range



A Traditional moulded MDF coffin with lid and box moulding in Rosewood (shown), Walnut and Crown Cut.

POA $ incl GST

Banksia White

Elegant white gloss flat lid or raised lide coffin with the choice of silver or gold finish fittings.

POA $ incl GST


Plain sided mahogany satin coffin is our standard entry level coffin.  Pleasant looking and affordable this coffin suits most families needs when it comes to low fuss.

POA $ incl GST

Eton Series

The Eton Golden Deluxe Teak is a bright coffin suitable for any location with either gold or silver fittings.

POA $ incl GST

Not So Traditional Range

Sustainable Timbers

Two of these coffins have snuck in from New Zealand, being the Archtype Rimu and the Artisan.  Unique individual designed coffins from over the ditch.

All other timber coffins are made in Australia.  The pine coffins use sustainable pine from Australian plantations.

Other Choices

Flowers as shown in all images not included and are provided as an example of options available.

Handles subject to variation.