Family Led Service

When families choose to do their own thing with support from us always on hand.  A family member or friend may conduct the service or your own clergy can attend. 

Funeral Celebrant

We can provide a staff celebrant to attend on the day to lead a service with input from the family and opportunity for family and friends to speak. 

Civil Celebrant

Ideal when speaking isnt something families are comfortable with.  A civil celebrant will meet with you to custom design a service the way you want.

Direct Burial

Attended Private Burial

A burial with family and close friends attending with a few words of committal provided by a staff celebrant

$2,550 plus cemetery fees

Pallbearers by family.

Graveside Economy Services

The graveside economy service is very simple in nature with the important equipment provided to ensure a dignified burial service.  

Family Led

A graveside service where family, a friend or other person arranged by the family does the speaking with our support.  

$2,550 plus cemetery fees

Civil Celebrant

A respectful graveside service with a civil celebrant provided to craft a personal farewell  A lower cost service with just the important elements.

$2,850 plus cemetery fees

Graveside Essential

The graveside essential service includes full cemetery setup in a major Adelaide cemetery, canopy, chairs, lectern and audio facilities.  A good choice for many as it covers most needs.

Civil Celebrant

A full service graveside option with a civil celebrant leading the service with music, full cemetery setup and more included.

$4,200 plus cemetery fees

Things to know

What's included

All services include the following :

  • A coffin 1800 * 600 * 350 mm ##
  • A professional fee
  • Certified copy of death certificate from Births Deaths and Marriages
  • Transfer from a Adelaide public hospital or the State Coroner
  • Mortuary care
  • Use of an appropriate vehicle to transfer the coffin on the day of the service
  • A lowering device graveside or sticks and straps for traditional hand lowering
  • Arrangement of all documentation and working with the cemetery to prepare the grave.
  • Essential service : Flowers & petals

## Coffin varies subject to package selected

Other services may be included subject to option selected above.

Cemetery Fees

Depending on your specific situation the following cemetery fees may apply:

  • License fee (or grant). This is to own the site for the burial from 26-99 years or forever (fr $5,120 avg)
  • Interment fee. A fee charged by the cemetery to open and close the grave. (fr $2,450)
  • Cemetery setup fee. This covers such things as a 1-3 canopys, chairs, artificial grass and lowering device. (fr $500)
  • Curator fee. Church cemeteries and country cemeteries may charge a small curator fee which cover the checking of documents and nameplate on the day of the service. ($250 avg)

Medical Certificates

Medical certificates, outside of Public Hospitals and the Coroner, are charged by private practice Doctors. They may charge between $195-$330.

Optional charges
Transfer fees

All transfers from a Adelaide public hospital or for persons with the State Coroner are included free of additional charge.

Transfers from a private home, private hospital or aged care location may incur a transfer fee based on the following:

Transfer from anywhere other than a Adelaide Public Hospital or the State Coroner $275 (subject to time - metro area only)


Lounges and refreshments following a service are additional to all our options. Please visit our Hospitality page for further information