Select a grave

In order to make selecting a grave in the main Adelaide cemeteries easier, we have provided this simple gallery of images to help you find the right cemetery and section.

We will be updating this page as we collect more images to make selection easier.

Enfield Memorial Park - Cascades

Enfield Memorial Park - Charlotte Gardens

Enfield Memorial Park - Natural Burial Ground

Centennial Park - Beam Graves

Orthodox C Section Pictured

Enfield Memorial Park - Lawn Tablet Section 

Centennial Park - General A Section

Location for re-new graves

Enfield Memorial Park - Noblet Garden

Beam Section

Centennial Park - Bahai

Centennial Park - Lawn (2) Section

Please note we will be providing additional images over time to represent the different grave types and locations in Adelaide.

Smithfield Memorial Park - Beam

Cheltenham Cemetery - Beam