Natural Fibre

Environmentally friendly woven coffins from around the world.

We have carefully sourced this range of natural products promoting sustainability and ensuring the highest standard in construction. These coffins form a memorable tribute to a loved one and everlasting green footprint on the earth.

" Our range of natural coffins have been beautifully handcrafted to the highest quality ".

Please note that these products are only available exclusively to our families we are providing a funeral service for.

Elegence Seagrass

The first of a new expanded range of natural coffins from July 2022.

Hand woven seagrass and willow with a strong internal frame. A premium quality coffin

The Natural Fibre Range

" The Cambridge"  - Willow Standard

Our Willow Coffin has a slightly pinkish golden look, they are hand worked by traditional basket weavers using old methods that have changed very little over 2000 years. Willow is by far the ultimate in environmental recycling grown in rows of bushes and once harvested can grow back to the same height within 12 months. Round shape.

"The Essex" - Combination

Designed in a rectangle shape, this natural coffin is made of a blend of Seagrass, Willow and Ratan. 

Available late September 2022

(Shown without internal lining)

"The Cumbria"  - Ratan Coffin

This coffin is made from Ratan and is a fast growing and 100% natural product.

Lighter in colour than others in our range and available in a traditional coffin shape only.

Available late September 2022

" The Somerset" - Seagrass and Willow

Our Seagrass Coffin are a beautiful compliment, rustic and natural with subtle green and blue tones. They are woven by hand using yarns of twisted seagrass and finished with willow, top and bottom. The seagrass used for this coffin is grown in coastal paddy fields and flooded with seawater throughout the year. The fields are carefully managed to promote a continued cycle of growth and renewability.

Flowers as shown in all images not included and are provided as an example of options available.

Prices range from $985 - $1600 for all natural fibre range.