Death Be Not Dull

Natural Funeral Co's newest range is a style driven range of nontraditional coffins.  

Our first model is our "Day of the Dead" themed coffin which is a bespoke coffin, with no two ever looking the same.

What its all about ?

Consisting of low poluting e-zero medium density fibre board, this coffin is fabric wrapped with a unique day of the dead theme and comes with either a black or bright white satin interior.  Hand made using all Australian products.

Day of the Dead Coffin

A unique themed coffin

Inspired by Mexico's Day of the Dead festivities, held over two days from October 31st, this coffin is an explosion of color and life-affirming joy. 

The Day of the Dead Festival is all about celebration and to demonstrate love and respect for deceased family members. In towns and cities throughout Mexico, revelers don funky makeup and costumes, hold parades and parties, sing and dance, and make offerings to lost loved ones. 

For a truly alternative, one of a kind send off,  this coffin is unique. Limited fabric so limited availability.