Wool Caskets

Wool caskets from the UK's Natural Legacy are a beautiful and comforting alternative to a traditional coffin or casket. These are much gentler on the eye and softer to the touch. Wool caskets are hand crafted using wool expertly woven in Yorkshire. Oval shaped in design these beautiful coffins are loved by families looking for something less severe. Often we see families actually hugging these caskets such is their soft unique appearance.

The Wool - Natural Woven - White

"The Yorkshire"

Suitable for both burial and cremation, these unique coffins are 100% Pure New Wool that is expertly woven in Yorkshire England. 230 years of experience in producing woollen fabric comes together in the design. The woollen outer layer is carefully hand fitted around a strong recycled cardboard frame, which is reinforced with a solid base board for rigidity and stability, and then carefully lined with a soft woollen wadding for a mattress base.

Wool caskets are a range of products with a true green lineage. An annually renewable and truly sustainable resource it is Mother Nature's own Smart Fibre, highly functionable and fully biodegradable without causing damage to our precious planet.

Note : White is usually available. Grey Wool is a special order and may not be available in Australia at the time of need.