Natural services specifically designed for Centennial Park

Mawson Chapel
Mawson Chapel


Ideal for smaller funeral services. Seated 30

Service packages :

  • Intimate : $2,985 incl GST *
  • Essential : $3,950 incl GST
  • Dignity : $4,500 incl GST

* Set times apply and service limits

Florey Chapel
Florey Chapel


A mid sized space ideal for cremation or burial service. Seated 90

Service packages :

  • Essential $4,050 incl GST
  • Dignity $4,695 incl GST
  • Dignity Silver $5,100 incl GST
  • Dignity Gold $5,600 incl GST
Heysen Chapel
Heysen Chapel


A large multi purpose chapel. Seated 230

Service packages :

  • Essential (limited) $4,450 incl GST
  • Dignity Bronze $5,295 incl GST
  • Dignity Silver $5,700 incl GST
  • Dignity Ultimate $8,000 incl GST
Centennial Park Viewing Room
Centennial Park Viewing Room

CP Viewing Room

Using the viewing room for a simple goodbye. 

Not suitable for services.

  • Viewing room only $2,100 incl GST
  • Viewing and Witness Cremation $2,450 incl GST


Heysen Chapel
Heysen Chapel

Centennial Park Cemetery is located on Goodwood Road Pasadena to the south of the Adelaide CBD. There are three chapels at Centennial Park with the intimate Mawson Chapel, mid size Florey Chapel and the large Heysen Chapel.  All are equipped with up to date technology to allow family photo presentations, and clear music to be played as part of a service. 

Fixed camera webcast services are available in each chapel.


Mawson Chapel : The seated capacity 30 with additional standing room available.

Florey Chapel : The seated capacity is 90 with additional standing room available via an overflow area.

Heysen Chapel : The suggested capacity seated is 230 with ample overflow available.

There is also the foyer area for really large services that can be hired independently of the Heysen Chapel or in conjunction with it.

Florey Chapel
Florey Chapel
Mawson Chapel
Mawson Chapel
Centennial Park
Centennial Park


Are cremations actually done at Centennial Park ?


How long do services usually last there?

Official allocated time is 45 minutes in the Mawson and Florey chapels followed by 60 minutes in a lounge if requested and booked in advance.  Heysen is 1.5 hours total time. Additional time can be booked in advance if a longer service is expected.

Burial Options

There are many areas with the cemetery where you can choose to have a burial.  Visit the Centennial Park website for more information

Find your way around Centennial Park

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Contemplation Court

Contemplation Court is a unique facility within Centennial Park which allows family and friends to visit loved ones for up to six months after cremation and until final decisions are made about a more permanent memorial. 

When we arrange a funeral with you the option of collecting the remains, having them delivered to us, placed in a memorial site or grave or in contemplation court is offered.