This simple guide aims to help you understand what we need from you to make a funeral service run smoothly.

Funeral with a service

Complete our online planning form.  This will enable you to fill out the information we need to arrange a funeral and register a death. 

Apart from choosing a venue to hold a service, we then require the following things for services we conduct in a chapel or outdoor service environment.

  • Clothing to dress the deceased
  • At least 30 photos if you wish to have a DVD photo presentation
  • At least three songs to play.  One at the start, one during the photo presentation and one at the end.
  • Decide your preference on day and time of the service
We prefer for sending digital photos to us.  Preferably we like to have everything with us at least 48 prior to the service start time.  

No service funerals

Simple and affordable our no service funerals are a dignified and respectful way to say goodbye.

The same things apply as with funeral with a service except that music and photos are not necessary,