Partridge House Traditional Services

We suggest the following services based on your selections

The Dignity Service 

Partridge House (Indoors) Capacity (Covid) 65 inside - fr $4700

This is a full traditional funeral service with many inclusions. This is a service designed to be flexible and custom designed to your exact needs. Better flowers, larger photo presentations and a quality oak finish coffin are included. A warm and caring Civil Celebrant is provided to lead the service the way you want. Full AV facilities for a photo presentation included.

The Garden Service

Partridge House (In  the garden under the elm tree) fr $5,200

A beautiful full service under the elm tree to the southern side of Partridge House.  All the important needs are included with a TV provided for photo presentations.  Simple or a more formal option are available for this service.  We can even arrange a barista to attend making 'proper coffee'.