Can you have a small funeral?


Over the years, and especially in the past two years, there has been a trend towards people increasingly choosing small funerals.  Simple and dignified these are lower priced choices compared to a traditional service. 

Instead of masses of people coming to a venue somewhere, with all the expectations of a traditional funeral, a small funeral offers the choice of just having immediate family and friends in a room to say goodbye.  

A small funeral is characterized by the following choices:

A private cremation only - just family and friends to view and say goodbye,

A simple committal service - as above but a few words are said as a sign of respect,

A small chapel/venue service - low fuss, similar to a full traditional funeral but without the expensive elements.

Small funerals are also popular when there are few family and friends. Maybe the person has outlived everyone.  It happens a lot.  

Whatever the wishes, whatever the budget, there is a small funeral that will be appropriate to say farewell.

Small funeral in places such as our Marleston Room.
Small funeral in places such as our Marleston Room.

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