What is Natural?


What is "Natural Funerals".   What makes us different?

Something families tend to ask me when we meet to make pre-paid or at need funeral arrangements is "So what is Natural Funerals or what does Natural Funerals mean?"

To us as a team, Natural Funerals is more of an "approach" than anything else. It's whatever you want it to be. We aim to be flexible and create unique services to reflect your loved one's true authentic self. We like to keep things simple, honest, and clear.  We have packages inclusive of everything required for a funeral service. Saying this, we can also deconstruct these packages to best suit your needs. Whether your friend is a florist, and you would like to organise the flowers yourself to have that personal touch or have a family member who takes interest in graphic design and wants to create the memorial cards, we adjust the costs accordingly.

Natural also reflects our endeavor to be a more sustainable and eco-friendlier funeral We found a niche within the community in SA around eco-friendly coffin and casket options (wool, cardboard, shroud, wicker and seagrass just to name a few!), less invasive mortuary care and natural burial options. We also try to keep all body wash, shampoo, soaps and moisturisers eco friendly and are currently sourcing locally made options too as we are all about supporting small business.

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Over the years, and especially in the past two years, there has been a trend towards people increasingly choosing small funerals. Simple and dignified these are lower priced choices compared to a traditional service.

Fair enough. You know that we're made up of organic matter that in theory can be compost and we contain a lot of water, so surely we can be 'turned into trees', right?

The alkaline hydrolysis process is known by a number of names or terms, Resomation, BioCremation, flameless cremation, chemical cremation, green cremation and aquamation.