Where to have a natural burial ?

Wirra Wonga Natural Burials.

Wirra Wonga, South Australia's first official natural burial area, is a tranquil bushland environment that offers a unique final resting place.

In natural burial, the body is prepared for burial or interment without chemical preservatives and an eco friendly biodegradable coffin or casket is used. The body or remains are returned to the earth to decompose naturally and be recycled to new life.

In an endeavor to keep the habitat as natural as possible there is no physical identification at the site of burial, but accurate plotting and recording is undertaken allowing current and future generations to locate the place of burial. There are no headstones, vases or flowers at the graveside. Double graves are side by side, to avoid damaging any existing root growth.

At Wirra Wonga the names of those interred may be recorded on a communal memorial stone at the entrance to the area.

Pilyu Yarta is located within Smithfield Memorial Park at is similar to Wirra Wonga.  Unlike Wirra Wonga, you can select a specific location as a preneed. 

The cemetery fee for Wirra Wonga and Pilyu Yarta Burial Grounds is $7,200 for 99 years.

Wirra Wonga and Pilyu Yarta provide for both single and companion burials and the interment of cremated remains.

Why Wirra Wonga ?

We like Wirra Wonga as it is central in the Adelaide region within Enfield Memorial Park. Families and friends are easily able to visit to remember and reflect on a loved one.

There are also chapels available within the cemetery to hold a service prior to the burial if desired.

Can you have a natural burial anywhere ?

The answer is simply yes.  A natural burial can be held in any cemetery in South Australia and (when permission is granted) on a private acreage.

The issue with holding a natural burial in locations not specifically designated natural burial grounds is the planting of a tree or shrub.  Most cemeteries will prohibit this as it will disrupt maintenance of the lawns or gardens or disrupt surrounding graves.  Every location is different, and it is best to enquire if a tree or shrub is possible.

Wirra Wonga - Burial around a tree
Wirra Wonga - Burial around a tree
Wirra Wonga - Burial around boundary
Wirra Wonga - Burial around boundary

Wirra Wonga Stage 2

The new stage two section of the Wirra Wonga Natural Burial Ground is now available. 

Slightly different to stage one, this area comprises two different options.

  1. Burial around a tree $ 8,200 or
  2. Burial around the boundary $7,200 

The option of a tree being planted on the grave still exists with burials around the boundary.  Eight graves are carefully positioned around each tree.  This also makes finding a grave easier and also makes companion sites clearer to define.