One of the most difficult times in our lives is when someone close to us passes away. With the pressure of grieving and trying to organise everything, sometimes we're unsure of what to do and how to go about organising the next step of having your loved one taken care of.

This section tries to help you understand the process once someone passes away and the duties involved with you and your funeral director.

If you have found yourself needing urgent help, call us on 08 8311 3991 and our team will do our best to ensure that your needs are taken care of and make this is as easy as possible for you and your family.

1. Natural Essentials

Our professional services include the following :

  • An initial meeting with you to discuss all aspects of the funeral.  This can be held in our office or in the comfort of your own home.  Please be assured that you'll be well taken care of by one of our funeral directors  who will give you the time you need to talk everything through, even though we won't be able to meet you in person. We will meet with you to have all required documents signed and collect any photos and clothing.

  • Collection of the person who has died from anywhere within the Adelaide Metro area during normal business hours.
    There's an additional charge from $255 for collecting the person who has died from a private home, private hospital or nursing home. Some of our packages include after hours transfer, some do not.  Talk to us.

  • Gentle and sensitive mortuary care of the person who has died in our mortuary by experienced staff.

  • Our full care and attention throughout the process, including unlimited phone calls and email support.

  • Our discrete funeral transfer vehicle or blue hearse to transport the coffin to the crematorium or cemetery for the service.

  • Opportunity for a viewing prior to the service in a chosen location.

  • We arrange all documents and death certificates on your behalf. Everything that is legally required is taken care of for you.

2. Choosing a coffin

We have handpicked a selection of beautiful well designed coffins and caskets from Australia and around the world.  We can seek out any particular coffin you may specifically want or you can choose one from our selection.

3. Cremation or burial ?

There are three major crematoriums in Adelaide being Enfield Crematorium, Centennial Park and Northern Region.  The main cemeteries for burial are Centennial Park, Enfield, Cheltenham, West Terrace, Smithfield and Dudley Park.

We also provide burial service to all surrounding hills and country cemeteries.

The cost of cremation or burial is considered to be a disbursement - a third party cost which we pay on your behalf before the funeral takes place. Cremation fees are generally part of our package structure.

The choice of burial or cremation is a personal one, sometimes based on religious beliefs or simply personal preference.

Cremation Fee

The cost of cremation varies widely in Adelaide  from $400 to $700 

We will guide you through the differences and help choose the most appropriate.

Chapel hire fees vary throughout Adelaide from $500 to $1500.  Twilight services are available in some locations and weekend services are possible for additional charge.  Talk to us about the many oiptions.

Doctors' Fees 

It is a requirement for cremation that the usual treating doctor must complete a doctors death certificate and a second doctor completes a second certificate.  Private practice GPs may charge a fee around $195 for both.  For burial a doctors death certificate is required and another certificate called a 'partial' certificate need to be completed. No fee applies. If the coroner is involved, this is not necessary and we will liaise with them to provide the required document. These are all included in our service packages.

Burial Fee

The cost of burial varies widely depending on the chosen cemetery throughout SA. The cemetery, depth and age of the grave all are factors in the cost.  

Fees vary widely but consist of the licence fee for a set amount of years, the interment fee (opening/closing of grave) and setup of graveside equipment costs.

Call us to discuss as these fees vary.

4. Do you want a ceremony ? 

If you decide to have a ceremony you can choose to hold it in crematorium chapel, a church, graveside or any other place that is permissible.  You can also choose who you'd like to lead it. You may choose a religious minister, a celebrant, or you may wish to lead the funeral yourself.

Modern funerals don't have to follow a structure and you don't have to have a formal service. Some families have simply sat with the coffin, played a special piece of music or just sit in silence.  Don't feel compelled to do what anybody else has done.

We can assist you in choosing a celebrant to lead the service.  Together with our arranger, our trusted celebrants will work with you to put together a beautiful and meaningful ceremony to honour the life of the person who has died.  With or without religion, its always your choice.

5. Optional charges : Transfer fees and hospitality following a service 

All transfers from a Adelaide public hospital or for persons with the State Coroner are included free of additional charge.

Transfers from a private home, private hospital or aged care location will incur a transfer fee based on the following:

Transfer requested to attend between 6am-12 Midnight the fee is $255

Transfer requested to attend between 12.01am-5.59am the fee is $330

Transfer fees during normal business hours are not always applicable so please contact us to discuss.


Lounges and refreshments following a service are additional to all our options. Please visit our hospitality page for further information

Natural Burials

Ever wanted to 'be a tree'?  We can help make this happen with a natural burial service in one of Adelaide's two dedicated natural burial grounds.

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Where to hold a service

While most services in Adelaide are held in the two main cemeteries, there are a number of smaller locations most suitable for use.

Death Doulas

An End-of-Life Doula is a non-medical role that provides support, options and education assisting the dying and those around them. Helen Roberts will help fulfill a dying persons wishes, to preserve the quality of life, well being and self-worth up to and beyond the end of life as we know it.

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Burial Options

We provide a full range of burial options in Adelaide and the surrounding regions.

While our main package service pages are available for burials, we also offer a large range of specific burial options.

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Photo Presentations & Music

As part of a funeral service a photo tribute is often played as part of the service.  We offer an in-house production service for these. 

We ask families to provide at least 30 photos and for most services at least three songs that can be played as part of the total service.

You are welcome to make your own video presentations DVD-Video format and burned onto a DVD disk (not a CD disk) for use in a DVD player. It is important that we test the DVD at least 24 hours before the service.  Presentations made using Microsoft Powerpoint cannot be played. 

We will take all due care to facilitate a video presentation, but cannot be held responsible if one does not work due to improper format or faulty equipment at the facility used for the Funeral Service.

Prepaid or Preplanned

Planning ahead for the service you want

Our prepaid cremation plans cover all of the necessary elements of a simple cremation including funeral director fees, cremation fees, a simple coffin and transport in our specialised vehicles.

Select a prepaid funeral plan based on the number of people you'd like to attend your funeral; your family will have the option to make any additional arrangements when the time comes.

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Modern Funerals. Bespoke Services.

We are here to listen to your needs to create a funeral that you feel is right. If that is something a little different, we help create bespoke services to cover a wide variety of personally chosen themes and styles and where every detail is thoughtfully created. This includes organising innovative celebrations of life at cherished venues, or supporting family, friends or children in contributing to the service in meaningful ways. We will support you in throwing out "the rule book" and doing it your way with our expert support and guidance.

We are also on hand to assist with catering in a venue following the service.

Prices are similar to a more traditional funeral at a church or crematorium, but give you more options. Please call us if you have any questions on 08 8311 3991


We can help you create a beautiful and more personal funeral. Depending on whether or not the coffin is present there are many alternatives to church and cemetery funerals.  Your local pub, family home, art gallery are some of the options.


Getting family and friends involved and participating in the funeral ceremony will always enhance it and make it more personal. Many have built the whole service around inviting people to simply get up and speak from the heart about the person who has died.


Getting together with friends and family of the person you have lost is a healing experience in itself. Adding something uplifting to the service such as a photo presentation, music or even a white dove release can be very positive.

Do It Yourself

We can organise a private cremation first - you can then take the cremated remains and hold any type of event you wish in your own time, without having to pay anyone to do this for you. We're here to help and offer guidance when you need it.